(AOTN) We were honored to have the chance to catch up with true Renaissance Man producer, director and writer Deon Taylor. Taylor and his film studio Hidden Empire Film Group are poised to have an absolutely phenomenal year. Currently, Taylor has just wrapped production on the upcoming psychological horror film “Motivated Seller” which will star Michael Ealy, Dennis Quaid and Meagan Good. He also has two additional films currently in post-production which are “Traffik” and “Akuma” and other project that is also coming down the pipeline in the very near future.

Talk about a busy man! Coming from a background playing professional basketball to founding an on the rise film studio with Hidden Empire Film Group, Taylor’s story of overcoming adversary and seeing his dreams come true is nothing short of fascinating. He is truly one of the most humble and down-to-earth individuals we have ever had the pleasure of speaking with and we are on the edge of our seats to learn more about the many projects he has in the works.

Taylor’s first acclaim began with the “Night Tales” franchise. With success gained from that, he went on to direct “Supremacy” from which the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences requested a copy of the screenplay for their permanent core collection. It was an amazing feat and speaks volumes for Taylor’s talent as a filmmaker, especially considering the fact that he had literally no background in the film industry at all. He spent countless hours studying and learning from the works of his colleagues and those he looks up to in the industry and has managed to take that knowledge and create his own unique voice and his films stand on their own within this ever-changing and growing industry.

Taylor spoke with us in detail about one his upcoming projects that he is most excited about which is the film “Free Agents” which is the story about five professional football players who pull a heist during the season. It will be a “dark, drama thriller” and the cinematographer for the project will be the incredible Dante Spinotti. It has taken Taylor nearly 12 years to get this project up and running, so we absolutely can’t wait to see the finished product!

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