We’re putting the pedal to the metal on this episode of BEHIND THE LENS with writer/director/producer DEON TAYLOR talking everything TRAFFIK.  Already an established, and admittedly self-taught, director, TRAFFIK is completelyrepresentative of Deon as a storyteller and as a filmmaker.  Listen as we talk about working with legendary cinematographer Dante Spinotti, not to mention the film’s sound design, employing sound and visual to create some riveting and striking sequences within the film.  And how about the casting of TRAFFIK?  Paula Patton, Roselyn Sanchez, Omar Epps and Laz Alonso all go against type and deliver outstanding performances under Deon’s guidance and collaborative style.  Deon’s candor and forthright discussion is eye-opening for freshman filmmakers and veterans alike.

But before we get to Deon, take a listen to an excerpt of our exclusive interviewwith writer/director GREG CARUSO talking his latest film FLOCK OF FOUR.  Regular listeners will recall Greg previously appeared on BTL  talking about his documentary MAKING THE AMERICAN MAN.  Well, get ready for something totally different from Greg with FLOCK OF FOUR as he delves into 1959 South Central Los Angeles, the West Coast Harlem, and takes us into the world of jazz.  From an incredible and unforgettable original score to cinematography and the entire genesis of the story, the result makes FLOCK OF FOUR a “must see” film.  Listen as Greg talks about the initial development of the story and film. . .and his love of jazz.

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