FREE for all the Sacramento and surrounding community to attend! No tickets required!!!

Special guests, food, powerful conversation and most important…a few hours to simply talk about us and the power we have to control our own future!

Can We Talk About Justice? CommUnity + Law Enforcement = Unity

Justice is equality for everyone: where people are treated equally, and where opportunity to excel and live a happy life is equally proportioned among every culture and race.

Saturday, July 16, 2016
12:00pm – 2:00pm

The Simmons Center
25 Massie Court
Sacramento, CA 95823

Lunch served: 12:00pm
Program begins: 12:30pm

Presenters and Committee Members:

DEON TAYLOR, Filmmaker, Director, Hidden Empire Film Group (Presenter)
BOBBY JACKSON, former NBA Player and Asst. Coach, Sacramento Kings, Hall of Famer (Presenter)
GREG KING, Always Knocking (Organizer and Presenter)
TIMOTHY POOLE, Hooked On Fishing, Not Violence (Organizer)
KEVIN CARTER, MLK Justice and Equality (Organizer)
STEVE STREETER, Community Advocate (Organizer)
LARRY CARR, Sacramento City Council, District 8 (Organizer)
MATTHEW BRYANT, Chief of Staff, Sacramento City Council, District 8
DERREL ROBERTS, Roberts Family Development Center (Organizer)
LAW ENFORCEMENT Beat Cops and Supervisors (Participants)