Election Day is just days away, and even though every commercial you see might be political, there are still so many people with voter apathy, or who just don’t feel like their vote matters.

It’s a real issue in communities of color.

According to the Pew Research Center, for the first time in 20 years, voter turnout in the black community declined in the 2016 presidential election. Still, other polls say that there’s an empowered base for communities of color going forward.

To make sure that happens, Deon Taylor, a Sacramento native and filmmaker, is throwing his star power into the ring to make sure more people from minority communities get out and vote. Taylor is partnering with the grassroots campaign, “Be Woke. Vote”

“This is where we have to get-up as masses and you have to tell people what you want and that you want change,” Taylor said. “You have to vote for those things. You can’t just sit back and be like, I hope they fix the street or I hope we get better police. We gotta get out here right now and make it happen.”

The campaign doesn’t tell anyone how to vote. It easily sets up anyone in the country, and right here in Northern California, with information on how to get registered, find their polling place, or how to mail in a ballot.

Be Woke. Vote also talks about why voting is so important in communities of color, where the apathy comes from, and how to address it.

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