Deon Taylor had a busy year– the prolific filmmaker now has four movies set for release. To repeat: four movies in one year! His first of 2019, The Intruder, harkens back to the quintessential 90s psychological thrillers. You know the type: where the nice, friendly guy/gal living down the hall or sharing an apartment is really a homicidal maniac with dreams of dicing you into a thousand pieces. See Single White Female or Pacific Heights or Unlawful Entry or The Hand that Rocks the Cradle… It’s a template that always works because it’s so innately relatable: everyone knows someone who seems just a little too friendly, their smile a bit too wide to be sincere.

In The Intruder, Michael Ealy & Meagan Good star as Scott & Annie Russell, a couple who have just moved into their dream house – the only problem: the former owner, Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid) has dreams of dicing them up into a thousand pieces. You know the type…

In the following interview with director Deon Taylor, he discusses finding the time to direct four different films, the process of getting The Intruder off the ground, and how he calculated the thriller for maximum audience interaction. For the full interview, watch above.

Deon Taylor:

  • How did Deon Taylor have the time to make four movies this past year?
  • How did he get The Intruder off the ground?
  • Did he shoot and edit the film for maximum audience interaction in theaters?