Deon Taylor

Filmmaker Deon Taylor is luring people to cinemas once again with his latest movie, “The Intruder.”

Taylor, who was born in Chicago and grew up in Gary, directed and produced the thriller, which hits theaters this weekend.

“The Intruder” stars Dennis Quaid, Michael Ealy and Meaghan Good. It tells the story of a young couple who purchase a house in California’s Napa Valley and have to deal with the eerie seller who can’t seem to pry himself from his home and their lives.

Film fans will know Taylor from other works such as “Meet The Blacks” and “Traffik.” He’s the recipient of an NAACP Image Award for “Traffik,” a film he wrote and directed.

The story of “The Intruder,” written by David Loughery, attracted Taylor.

“I read the first 20 pages and I was like, oh, what is this? I kept turning the page, turning the page, turning the page, and I got to the end of it and I was like, I’ve got to make this movie,” Taylor said, according to production notes from Screen Gems, a Sony company.

Taylor left Gary as a teenager with his mother, and they went to live in Sacramento, California.

On his Facebook page, Taylor recently posted comments about his excitement over the making and release of “The Intruder.”

“Nothing about this film is what it seems. And if you don’t know me as a filmmaker, let me be the first to tell you I’m a risk-taker and do not play by the rules with film. I make films for the fans of film because I’m a fan. Buckle up. This one is scary as hell.”

According to actor Quaid, “Everybody’s going to want to be working with him. I’ve worked with so many great directors, and I put Deon right in that same club.”