Hidden Empire Film Group

Who We Are

The company is lead by writer/director/producer, Deon Taylor and his devoted management team including Roxanne Avent (Executive Producer).

We are a team of creative and business professionals that have worked hard to build a company that creates innovative, relevant, entertaining content. The library of quality original works we have been able to produce in such a short period of time is amazing. It is a testament to the perfect storm of ingenuity brought to the table by this team.

What We Do

We are full service production company. Hidden Empire Film Group’s main focus is to create quality independent film and television series. As a natural progression in this field, some of our content has morphed into complete, stand-alone brands that are poised to operate as complete entities under the HEFG umbrella. Because we are a small company with big relationships, we have also found that we are effective at producing large live events for our clients.

Who We Appeal To

Our content tends to be culturally neutral and possess long-term relevance. As a result, our content translates well across international borders. We make it even more accessible through the use of technology that allows us to present the content in the language any given market prefers.

Each project is designed with its target audience demographics in mind. The high approval ratings and sales outcomes reflect this strategy.

Locations and Facilities

HEFG  has access to a Sacramento soundstage on an as needed basis. The access deal includes use of blue screen, green screen, lots and soundstage. The stage is fully staffed and can accommodate feature films, television and video production. Located in Hood, California, the relationship with the Sacramento soundstage is one more facet of Hidden Empire Film Group that lends it toward operating as a fully self-sufficient production company.