Kicking the Seat Ep308: TRAFFIK Jam

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast welcomes writer/director Deon Taylor and actor Laz Alonso (AvatarDetroit) for a discussion of their new thriller, Traffik. Centering on a young couple (Paula Patton and Omar Epps) whose romantic weekend getaway turns into a nightmare of international conspiracy, the film uses drama and horror-movie conventions to draw audiences into thinking about the real-world dangers of human sex trafficking.

During this unexpectedly uplifting conversation, Taylor and Alonso talk about the inspiration for the story and characters; how their unique backgrounds prepared them for navigating Hollywood; the importance of work/life balance in an industry that shuns it; and the scientific magnetism of “Star Power”.

Also, Ian makes a final push for Michael Glover Smith’s Rendezvous in Chicago campaign on Seed & Spark; directs you to some reliable Super Troopers 2 coverage; and announces the outcome of the Truth or Dare Contest!

Episode 308 has been officially “Deon’d”!

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