“This is a funny, scary, spoof movie filled with different shades, facets and layers of comedians and entertainers. Ain’t nothing else like this out there! We have beauty in it! We have booty in it!”

That’s comedian Mike Epps, describing “Meet The Blacks,” his first leading film role, opening April 1st.

EUR: The cast is filled with great comics, what was it like on set or behind the scenes?

Mike Epps: I’ve been doing this for awhile so it’s always cool to have a lot of comics together. I learned years ago, from doing the “Friday” films, when you have that much talent on set, everybody has to calm down, settle down and get into work mode because it’s just fun. It’s kind of like a barbeque or get together. But Deon (Taylor) did a great job of managing that and bringing everybody together. He was a great teacher for know how when you have a classroom full of clowns…

Zulay Henao: But sometimes Deon even had to reel himself back because he would be laughing. And he has this laugh that is contagious, and once Deon starts laughing, forget it! Everybody’s done but then he’s like, ‘alright everybody calm down and get back into it.’ We had so many moments where we were all trying to stop laughing!

We were shooting in Sacramento, pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it was so much fun! We were shooting in this mansion, and we spent the whole time there, on like a little excursion of our own. I laughed from beginning to end. I love how comedians bounce off each other, that was really special for me to watch, because I’m not a comedian. When Mike (Epps) and all the guys got together and made the jokes even funnier. I was like, ‘man, that’s really cool how they can do that’ …. .and bounce off each other.’

EUR: How often did you improve?

Mike Epps: It was a lot of improve. Deon is a director who understands when you hire a certain talent, you have to allow them to do their thing. Especially, with a guy like me and Duval (Roland Powell).