‘Meet The Blacks’ Cast Express Love For Brussels

Stars of “Meet The Blacks,” Mike Epps and Zulay Henao, express their concern and thoughts on the terrorist attacks in Brussels, this week.

Mike Epps: It’s just sad. I hate to see innocent people die. Go target the ones that need it done to them. What do you get out of killing somebody that didn’t have anything to do with it…just to make a statement.

Zulay Henao: When I look around there is so much sadness. I don’t see a lot of hope in people. I got on my knees this morning and prayed to God for us to find hope and love. We need to love more. This is so sad, I get teary eyed thinking about it because there is so much lack of love and joy in people. We need to bring that back and the only way is through God. I just pray about it, whenever I see stuff like that it literally makes my heart ache. It’s so sad.