”When I moved to Playa del Rey, both neighbors living in the houses on each side of me, moved out.”

While promoting his new film, “Meet The Blacks,” a comedy/horror hybrid spoofing “The Purge,” Mike Epps exclusively shared with EUR his personal experience with being Black and moving into a White neighborhood.

EUR: Have your neighbors ever moved out because you’re a person of color?

Mike Epps: When I moved out here from Indiana, I moved to Playa del Rey, by the beach, and both neighbors living in the houses on each side of me, moved out. I guess they thought I was going to be partying. They were like, ‘all hell naw!’ And I’m not even that type. They both literally put for sale signs on their house, within about six months. They were out of there. They wouldn’t speak or anything. They automatically thought I was going to be bringing parties. They probably Googled me and said, ‘ah, this dude is crazy, he’s on TMZ!’ Its real!

Zulay Henao: Growing up, from middle school to the beginning of high school, I went to an all Latino and Black school in New Jersey and then I moved to Massachusetts and I was one of six Latin girls. I had both experiences growing up. It was interesting revisiting that as an adult…even in the trailer, with us driving.


EUR: “Meet The Blacks” has a lot of talented actors and comedians like, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Lil Duval, Bresha Webb, Charlie Murphy, Lavell Crawford, SeRay Davis and King Bach. Who can fans expect to see in part two?

Mike Epps: The great thing about doing a movie like this, is that you can bring back a part two, or a part three, and bring anybody to purge. Its open. You wanna purge me?!

“Meet The Blacks” hits theaters April 1.