My worst moment: ‘The Intruder’ star Michael Ealy on an early — and crushing — experience with Chris Rock

In the psychological thriller “The Intruder,” Michael Ealy plays one half of a newlywed couple who recently bought their dream house. “And then everything starts to slowly fall apart because the previous owner (Dennis Quaid) does not go away,” Ealy said.

“There’s a great scene where he comes over for Thanksgiving — my wife invited him, I didn’t — and he realizes we’ve taken a tapestry off the wall and I’m like: Yeah, we got rid of your (stuff) and he’s just steaming! And you realize, this guy still has some attachment to this place and he becomes more and more unhinged. It’s funny but then that humor turns into terror.”

Even so, Ealy said Quaid kept things light on set. “Dennis is so good in this movie that he could literally go from deranged psychopath to, between takes, literally practicing his golf swing.”

Is the movie’s central theme — of an older white man refusing to cede ground to a young black couple — a metaphor? “I think that’s something that an audience might deduce on their own, but there’s not an ounce of that in the script.

Read the full interview at the link below.


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