Paula Patton’s romantic weekend getaway turns into a fight for her life in the new movie “Traffik.” And there’s nothing worse than a vacation gone wrong. Deco’s travel agent extraordinaire Chris Van Vliet is here with more.

The traffic Paula Patton is dealing with isn’t the kind I sit in on the way to work every day. I have a very special relationship with I-95. But I digress — we got the green light to talk to Paula on Friday about her new thriller.

Paula Patton (as Brea): “They’re gonna kill us.”

Not unless you fight back, Paula Patton! You must fight back!

And that’s exactly what she and Omar Epps do.

Omar Epps (as John): “Trust me!”

Paula Patton (as Brea): “Oh my God!”

In “Traffik,” the two star as a couple who are terrorized by a biker gang while on a weekend vacay in the mountains.

Since this one is so rudely interrupted, we asked Paula what her perfect getaway would be.

Paula Patton: “Any kind of adventure. Do something new, and maybe something close to water. I love to swim!”

The movie features both romance and action, which allows the actress to have her cake and eat it, too.

Paula Patton: “I wouldn’t want to have to choose one or the other. I love a love story, but I love to get chased — and I love to chase.”

The chasing that’s being done here is all over a phone.

Yeah, just a phone! The bad guys want it back in the worst way.

Good thing Paula isn’t as attached to hers.

Paula Patton: “I lose my phone so much, it makes me think I do it on purpose. I go hours, maybe even a day maybe not knowing where my phone is. Well, not a day, but I don’t like to look at it if I don’t have to.”

Now without spoiling anything: it’s what’s on the phone that’s so important in “Traffik,” and it adds a layer to the film.

That drew Paula to the project in a producing role as well.

Paula Patton: “I really have a desire to make movies that are entertaining; that people want to see on a Friday. But hopefully also impart some kind of knowledge or move people in some way.”

“Traffik” is in theaters now.