Tiny Harris interviewed Tami Roman who discussed subjects such as the new generation and why it’s important to vote. You can see a part of what Tami has to say in the video below.

‘Had the best time interviewing @tamiroman she was kicking some real knowledge about why our young generation especially should be heard & get out & vote @be.woke.vote If you didn’t make it to early voting make sure u are at them polls Tues…. 👑🙌🏽’ Tiny captioned the video.

Fans were really impressed by the fact that Tiny also interviews famous people and one fan asked her what talents is she hiding.

‘You’re interviewing too. What talents you have. Keep blessing the world,’ the person wrote.

Someone else said ‘@majorgirl you take the words right out my mouth..Dum Dum is a perfect word to call it Because they’re stuck on stupid, Why not vote, It really count you can’t tell a close-minded person that.’

Another follower told Tiny ‘@majorgirl I ❤️you and @troubleman31, and I know you both woke AF but not sure who are the real ‘dum-dums’ here 😜 I’m trying to understand why you two still believe the voting system is still NOT an illusion of democracy. I may be (probably am) wrong but they still manually ‘count’ votes? How about an automated machine that counts the cards so a) we know it’s not rigged or ‘manual error’ b) don’t gotta wait 8 hours for the results whilst someone figures out how to make trump president. Maybe that is what u both should also petition for for long-term sustainability, not only the immediate.. 💯❤️’

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