In the film, which hits theaters on April 20, a couple find themselves tangled up in something way bigger and more dangerous that they would have thought.

Brea (Paula Patton) and John (Omar Epps) are off for a romantic weekend in the mountains. Isolated at a remote estate, the couple is surprised by the arrival of two friends, Darren (Laz Alonso) and Malia (Roselyn Sanchez.) Just when the weekend starts to get back on track, a violent biker gang turns up and begins to torment them. The foursome are forced to fight for their lives against the gang who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. The film is written and directed by Deon Taylor, and produced by Roxanne Avent, Paula Patton and Taylor. Codeblack Films, a division of Lionsgate will release the film wide on April 20, 2018.

What makes the release of this film so exciting is the fact that 2 weeks after this movie debuts, Gabrielle Union’s Breaking In will hit theaters on May 11th. Black women are debuting in major films over the next 5 months, from Proud Mary to Black Panther to A Wrinkle in Time, Traffik and Breaking In add a new genre to the 2018 black excellence film lineup.

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