Tribute to Charlie Murphy In Upcoming MTB2Tribute to Charlie Murphy In Upcoming MTB2

Deon Taylor came from a background in sports and is now the person behind a rising boutique film company. With a that background and a degree in biology, Deon diversified his background even more when making movies started to pique his interest.

“It’s interesting. I was actually playing basketball overseas. There was nothing really on TV to watch and I didn’t really speak the language until later so I started watching the making of movies and I became fascinated with the idea of filmmaking. I’m self taught as a writer, self taught as a director, and I just had a dream and an idea.”

“Meet the Blacks” was a film in the comedy genre and had strong momentum debuting at fourth in the US for box office numbers. It ventured off of Deon’s regular path and he considers it one of the highlights of his career.

“‘Meet the Blacks’ is probably one of the biggest highlights of my career. People laugh at it [and] I aggressively pursued that because I’m building a company. As a filmmaker and the president of a company, I’m trying to build something unique and I felt like Hidden Empire should be diverse.”

Despite the comedic joy that “Meet the Blacks” brought Deon, it also is a reminder of the loss of a close friend. As Charlie Murphy’s last movie before his untimely passing, Deon thinks about his friend often and promises a tribute to his character in the sequel to “Meet the Blacks.”

Tribute to Charlie Murphy In Upcoming MTB2

”Charlie [Murphy] was a big loss for me. He was a very very close friend of mine outside of ‘Meet the Blacks’. As a matter of fact, Charlie was one of the most special people I’ve had in my life in the entertainment industry. When I first was starting out and trying to get a movie made and actors would be like, ‘Well who is he? What has he made? I don’t know who he is.’ People were passing and I went to Charlie Murphy for the first time and Charlie was the first person to come to me and be like, ‘I’m going to be in your movie man.’ And he was a very very real person and physically there, mentally there. There was no Hollywood about him. If he took to you and he liked you, that’s what it was, you guys were friends. It’s really sad when I think about him dying and how incredible he was. I love Charlie and I’m just happy we had a chance to do ‘Meet the Blacks’ together and [it] was his last movie. We’re doing ‘Meet the Blacks 2’ and I’m going to reprise his character. We have a big tribute in the beginning of it. We’re able to take a bunch of footage we have from part 1 and it’s unseen and build out a really funny character. So I’m excited about that.”

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